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Search a Showtime Poster - Fortnite Guide

Epic has a new challenge to get everyone ready for this weekend’s Marshmello event

Epic Games

Along with Fortnite’s regular weekly challenges — which include some locations to dance at and balloons to pop in week 9 — this week also has a few special challenges that tie into the Marshmello based event that’s happening this weekend.

The first of these challenges requires players to “Search a Showtime Poster.” While the challenge only requires one poster, there are plenty spread out across the map.

In fact, here are all the locations we’ve been able to find posters at so far, but there are probably a few more scattered around just waiting to be found.

Fortnite Showtime Posters
Locations for the Showtime Posters challenge
Epic Games

Once you arrive at these locations, you can find the posters most often just slapped on a wall. Once you see them just walk up and press the search button and you’ll be given credit for the challenge, along with the reward that it comes with.

Showtime poster
Epic Games

There are going to be a few other challenges associated with this weekend’s in-game event, but those challenges won’t be released until sometime on Friday, Feb. 1, so check back then.

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