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Visit different waterfalls — Fortnite Overtime challenge

We’ll show you where to find seven different waterfalls to complete this challenge.

Fortnite waterfalls Epic Games
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Fortnite’s Overtime challenges are almost over. Before they end players will have to track down a few of the map’s many waterfalls. For this Overtime challenge, you must visit seven different waterfalls.

Waterfalls aren’t hard to find on the Fortnite map. They exist almost anywhere that a stream or river empties into a larger body of water. If that doesn’t help you, here’s a map:

Fortnite waterfall locations map
Epic Games via Polygon

Unlike challenges that require you to search an area once you arrive, this Overtime challenge gives you credit as soon as you step near a waterfall. It’s pretty easy to complete so long as you keep track.

If you want to finish it quickly, one good southern circle is all you need to get at least four of the waterfalls in a match. Nabbing all seven in one go is going to be a lot harder, though. No need to stress about it, just take your time, even if it extends over several matches.