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How to use Fortnite’s new Party Assist feature to complete challenges

It’s good to have friends

Fortnite Party Assist guide Epic Games
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Completing challenges is the fastest way to level up your battle pass in Fortnite, but they aren’t always easy. In season 8, developer Epic Games has given players a new way to complete challenges with the Party Assist feature. Party Assist allows you to share a challenge with the other players in your squad. If anyone completes the challenge’s requirements, or makes progress on it, you get credit for it.

To activate Party Assist you’ll have to go to Fortnite’s new challenges, accessible from the main menu. That breaks all the challenges up by week.

Go into the week with the challenge you need help on, select the challenge and hit the button to turn Party Assist on.

Fortnite Party Assist menu
Fortnite challenges with the Party Assist option
Epic Games via Polygon

You can only activate Party Assist on one challenge at a time, and you’ll have to do it before the game starts. The challenge’s progress will count no matter which member of your squad fulfills the requirements. This should prove useful if you’re awful at getting sniper kills or any other skill-based weapon.

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