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Prisoner Stage 3 Unlock loading screen location – Fortnite challenge guide

If you didn’t recognize the location on the loading screen, we’ll point you in the right direction

The campfire
Epic Games via Polgyon
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Week 10 of Fortnite’s latest season is here, and this time around that means that there’s a new stage of cosmetics to unlock for the prisoner skin.

This one is stage 3 of the skins unlocks, and the location of the hidden challenge was first revealed in a loading screen.

Fortnite Week 10 loading screen
Epic Games

The screen shows the prisoner sitting by a campfire, but with this being Epic it was also clue. This one has us heading to this fire to unlock the prisoner’s next cosmetic upgrade. The fire is on top of a mountain just north of Paradise Palms, which you can see on the map below.

Prisoner Stage 3 Unlock loading screen map location in Fortnite
Epic Games via Polygon

Once you get there, you can see a small campfire at the top of the mountain.

Campfire for Prisoner Stage 3 unlock in Fortnite
Epic Games via Polygon

Be careful though: Once you reach the campfire, you’ll have to light it to get credit for completing this challenge. If you and another player are both trying to light it at the same time, it seems to unlock for both of you, but if it’s already lit, you’re out of luck.

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