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Fortnite guide: How to use the Buried Treasure map

X marks the spot

Fortnite buried treasure Epic Games via Polygon
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Fortnite’s newest item is a treasure map that leads players to Legendary loot. But it isn’t easy to use. Here’s everything you need to know about the treasure map to help you find Fortnite’s best loot, no matter where it’s buried.

The treasure map, called Buried Treasure, is an in-game item. Like other items in Fortnite, it takes up an item slot. When you have the map equipped, a gold marker will show up on the map and in the world. Head toward that marker, and you’ll find a black X that marks the buried treasure location. Use your pickaxe on the center of the X a few times, and you’ll reveal a treasure chest with Legendary loot.

Fortnite Buried Treasure X
Fortnite’s new treasure chest
Epic Games via Polygon

The Buried Treasure item isn’t technically required to get the chest, so you could pick up the map place a marker on the world map to indicate where the X is, and drop the Buried Treasure map to free up a slot. Unfortunately, player markers aren’t very precise. But if you’re looking for more inventory space, it’s an option.

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