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Visit a pirate camp in different matches – Fortnite Buccaneer’s Bounty challenge guide

The Plunder Glider is the reward for this 10-match challenge

A pirate camp in Fortnite Epic Games via Polygon

A new event in Fortnite called the Buccaneer’s Bounty arrived with patch v8.30, and it has a new challenge that will unlock for the first few days. For the first day’s challenge, players have to visit a pirate camp in 10 different matches.

Unlike most Fortnite challenges, which would allow you to complete multiple steps in one match, this one is limited by the number of matches you play. The good news is that you can visit the same pirate camp multiple times. If you’ve got a favorite camp, just start 10 games in a row by landing there, and you’ll finish the challenge.

Fortnite’s map has seven pirate camps that form a small circle around the center of the map. Visiting any of these camps during a match will give you credit for the challenge.

Fortnite pirate camps map Epic Games via Polygon

To get credit for visiting a camp, all you have to do is land on it or walk up to it. Visit them in 10 different matches, and you’ll complete the challenge and unlock the Plunder glider.

The Buccaneer Bounty challenges are available for free to all Fortnite players and will be available until the event ends on April 15.

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