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Visit pirate camps in a single match – Fortnite challenge guide

Three pirate camps is all you need for this challenge

Fortnite pirate camp Epic Games via Polygon

Fortnite’s challenges for season 8 week 7 are here, and there’s another pirate camp-themed objective this time around. For this challenge, players will need to visit three pirate camps in a single match.

This shouldn’t be too difficult, as long as you know where the pirate camps are. As a quick reminder, here’s a map with all seven pirate camp locations on it.

Fortnite pirate camp locations map Epic Games via Polygon

Now that you know where all the pirate camps are, you’ll just need to plan a route that sends you past three in a short period of time. No three camps are too close together, but there is still a a couple easy ways to get this challenge done.

The safest way to complete this challenge is by planning a route that takes you to all three camps on the map’s west side. Start out by dropping at the furthest North camp, then head to the camp just west of Pleasant Park, and finish up at the only camp in the snow toward the south. All three of these are off the beaten path and should make for an easy route.

If you are more in the mood for completing this challenge quickly, you could go for a more dangerous option. The quickest is to land at the center camp, fire yourself out of a cannon toward the southern camp on top of the mountain then use a cannon there to head east toward the camp in the desert.

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