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Launch through flaming hoops with a cannon – Fortnite challenge guide

This challenge is all about a death defying stunt

Fortnite’s flaming hoops
Fortnite’s flaming hoops challenge guide
Epic Games via Polygon
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Fortnite season 8 is almost over, and that means it’s time for week 10 challenges. One asks players to unleash their inner daredevil and fly through three flaming hoops using a cannon.

These hoops are spread out all around the Fortnite map, but most of them are pretty close to a cannon, so getting to them shouldn’t be too complicated. Here’s a map with all the flaming hoop spots so you can plan your jumps.

Fortnite flaming hoop and canon map locations
Fortnite flaming hoop and canon location map
Epic Games via Polygon

Remember, you’ll need to aim the cannons a little higher than the actual rings because they shoot in an arc. The farther away the hoop is from the cannon, the higher you’ll need to aim the cannon to actually sail through the ring (and not fly under it).

If you’re diligent, it might only take one good game to complete this Fortnite challenge. You could easily drop at the frozen lake, move over to the mountain fort outside of Fatal Fields, then all the way to the east to the pirate fort near Paradise Palms and take care of all three. If you’d rather not spend an entire game chasing cannons, however, you can also just land a new fort every game and complete this challenge in just three drops.