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Visit different public service announcement signs in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant, or Mega Mall — Fortnite challenge guide

It’s a sign!

Fortnite sign
Epic Games via Polygon

The final week of challenges for Fortnite season 9 has arrived, and this week’s toughest is all about warning signs. To complete this challenge, players have to visit 5 public service announcement signs in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant, or Mega Mall.

Each of these locations has several different signs, spread all around the drop location. Here’s a map to make finding the locations themselves a little easier.

Fortnite signs challenge
Epic Games via Polygon

These signs are scattered throughout these locations, but most of them are easy to find. At Pressure Plant, the signs are at the south side, toward the entrance to the volcano. In Neo Tilted, they’re spread around on the walls of buildings. In Mega Mall, the signs are on the outside and inside of the mall.

One of Fortnite’s public service signs
Epic Games via Polygon

The signs flash between little messages, like advice to take to high ground when things get dangerous, and bright red warning signs. These challenge signs move and flicker more than any other signs in Fortnite, so it should be easy to recognize which ones are included and which aren’t. Once you find one, you’ll just need to walk up to it for the challenge to count.

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