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Fortnite dance in front of different birthday cakes challenge guide

Gain health or shield from birthday cake challenge

Fortnite player standing in front of cake Epic Games via Polygon

It’s time once again for Fortnite’s annual birthday celebration, and this time around there are a few challenges to complete. Like last year, most of the challenges have to do with either playing a few matches, but two of them are centered around the Fortnite birthday cakes scattered around the map.

There’s nothing particularly difficult about these challenges. You’ve just got to know where the cakes are, so here’s a map to help you find them:

There are 10 birthday cakes spread across the Fortnite map
Fortnite Birthday Cake locations
Epic Games via Polygon

Whether you’re eating cake or just dancing in front of one, you’ll need to be careful. While some players will let you get a quick dance in near the cake before they start fighting you, others may see this challenge as an opportunity to rack up some easy kills.

Dance in front of different birthday cakes

All you’ll need to do to get credit for this challenge is land at all 10 of these cakes and do your favorite dance. The cakes should be pretty easy to locate once you get close, since they’re all out in the open.

Gain health or shield from birthday cake

For this second Fortnite birthday cake challenge, you’ll need to eat some of the smaller pieces of cake scattered around each full cake. Each slice of cake will grant you five health and five shields, and you’ll need to gain 50 to complete the challenge.

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