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Fortnite guide: Destroy grills with the Low ‘n Slow harvesting tool

You’ll need the summer-themed harvesting tool first to complete this 14 Days of Summer Fortnite Challenge

Fortnite Grill Epic Games via Polygon
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Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer event is coming to an end, and the final challenge has arrived. The last challenge of the event requires players to destroy 7 grills with the Low ‘n Slow harvesting tool.

This challenge isn’t too complicated because there are quite a few grills around the map. Here are all the locations you can find grills to destroy:

Fortnite grill locations
Fortnite grill locations
Epic Games via Polygon

The first step to getting this challenge done is making sure you have the Low ‘n Slow harvesting tool unlocked. To do that, you’ll need to complete the challenge from earlier in the 14 Days of Summer event that requires you to complete the ”Launch fireworks found along the river bank” challenge. Once you’ve got the harvesting tool equipped, you’ll be able to start looking for grills.

There aren’t any areas of the map that will give you all seven of the grills at once, but there are a few that are pretty close together. The easiest grouping to collect will be if you drop at Snobby Shores, collect all three grills there, then move on to Pleasant Park and get three more. Other than that, you’ll be stuck just getting one or two grills at a time.

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