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Fortnite guide: Launch fireworks found along the river bank

14 Days of Summer challenge guide

A firework in Fortnite Epic Games via Polygon

Fortnite’s latest batch of challenges is all about summertime, so it seems fitting that one centers entirely on fireworks. For this challenge in Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer, you’ll need to launch 3 fireworks found along the river bank. As a reward for completing the challenge, you’ll get the Low ‘n Slow harvesting tool — a fork and spatula perfect for grilling.

As the challenge’s description suggests, everything you need to complete this challenge is right along the bank of the river that runs north to south along the entire map. But the river is long, so we’ve got a map with the spots you’ll need to visit for this challenge.

Fortnite river bank firework locations
Fortnite river bank firework locations
Epic Games via Polygon

The locations for this challenge may seem pretty spread out at first, but they’re actually a little easier than they look. In season 9, the north side of the island can get pretty dangerous, so you’ll want to head south for this challenge. Land at the furthest south set of fireworks, and then work your way north along the river. Things shouldn’t get too complicated until you read the final firework north of Shift Shafts, but since that area isn’t too popular, you should be OK to set off the fireworks and escape before anyone notices you.

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