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Fortnite destroy stop signs with the Catalyst outfit guide

This Fortnite season X challenge is probably a safety hazard

Fortnite’s Catalyst skin swings a pickaxe at a stop sign Epic Games via Polygon

Fortnite’s season X has begun, and there are already a few new challenges to complete. One of those challenges sends players into Fortnite’s various cities to destroy stop signs while wearing the Catalyst outfit.

Each city on Fortnite’s map has several stop signs, mostly at the intersection of two or more streets just like in real life. But not every named location has stop signs, so here are all the places you can find them.

Fortnite stop sign locations map

Fortnite cities that have stop signs marked on the Fortnite map
The cities with stop signs in Fortnite
Epic Games via Polygon

In places like Pleasant Park, where streets are plentiful, there’s an abundance of stop signs just waiting to be destroyed. Salty Springs, Mega Mall, and Paradise Palms are also good locations to find stop signs.

Once you reach these cities, their stop signs should be easy to find. If you find an intersection with one stop sign, look around at the other sides of the road, where it’s likely that there are more just waiting to be destroyed.

Fortnite Catalyst skin

Before you start destroying, make sure you have the Catalyst skin equipped. Otherwise, the stop signs you chop down won’t count toward your progress. The skin is the first one unlocked in the Fortnite season X battle pass, so if you have that, you have this skin.

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