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Fortnite visit a memorial to a cube in the desert or by a lake guide

Season 10, week 3 Worlds Collide challenge

A player gliding in toward the desert Fortnite cube memorial Epic Games via Polygon
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Fortnite’s season 10 Worlds Collide challenges are a tribute to a simpler time when players could be endlessly fascinated with a giant purple cube. In fact, one of the week 3 challenges sends players to visit a memorial to season 5’s cube at either a desert or a lake.

The descriptions on this challenge aren’t particularly useful, especially if you weren’t around back in season 5 when the cube was rolling around the map. To help give you a better idea of where you’ll need to go to complete this challenge, we’ve put together a map with both of these locations on it.

Fortnite cube memorial map locations

The Fortnite map with arrows pointing to an area inside Loot Lake just south of its center, and an area southwest of Salty Springs
The locations of all the cube memorials on the Fortnite map
Epic Games via Polygon

Both of these cube locations are fairly easy to find. Drop where they’re at on the map, walk near them, and you’ll get credit for their completion. Unfortunately, there are weapons that can spawn close to the memorials, so you’ll need to either get there first or be very careful once you land.

Visit a memorial to a cube in the desert and the lake prestige challenge

For this version of the challenge, you’ll need to visit both memorials. Start at Loot Lake, visit the memorial, then immediately jump into the center force field which will let you launch into the air. Once you’re in the air, start gliding toward the desert to visit the second memorial.

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