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Fortnite consume glitched foraged items Junk Storm mission guide

Time to visit Fortnite’s newest crater

A Fortnite Soccer Skin stands in a crater about to activate a Hop Rock
A Fortnite player collecting a Hop Rock
Epic Games via Polygon
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Fortnite season 10’s newest set of missions are called Junk Storm, and a new one is set to appear every day. The first Junk Storm mission asks players to consume five glitched foraged items.

These items are a new addition to the game with this week’s content update, and they only appear in the new crater. This crater is west of Tilted Town where the old Rec Center used to be. If you’d like a refresher on where that is, here’s a map.

Fortnite new crater location map

The Fortnite map with an arrow pointing to the location of the new crater
Fortnite’s season 10 crater map location
Epic Games via Polygon

This crater is the result of a malfunctioning Rift Beacon, which is why all of the foraged items there are now glitched. This is the only place on the map you can get these glitched items and complete this challenge. The glitched foraged items can include apples, mushrooms, coconuts, peppers, or Hop Rocks.

All you’ll need to do to get the items is walk up to them and pick them up, but there are a limited number in each game. Since you need to consume five to complete the challenge, and other players are looking for them too, you’ll likely have to land at this crater several games in a row to complete the challenge.

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