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Fortnite spray a fountain, a junkyard crane, and a vending machine Spray and Pray challenge guide

It’s time to paint the town

One of the two fountains at Fortnite’s Mega Mall
A fountain at Mega Mall
Epic Games via Polygon
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Fortnite season X’s second week of challenges are called Spray and Pray, and they live up to their name. One of this week’s challenges tasks players with using a spray on a fountain a junkyard crane and a vending machine.

Some of these items are in many places. The vending machines, for instance, are in just about any city on Fortnite’s map, though there’s no guarantee that they’ll spawn in any given game. Thankfully, there are places you can always find the fountain and the crane, so here’s the map with their locations.

Fortnite fountain and crane locations map

The crane to complete this challenges is located at Junk Junction while the fountain is in Mega Mall
Fortnite crane and fountain map locations
Epic Games via Polygon

As for the vending machines, the easiest way to find them is likely to land at the edge of the desert on the southeastern edge of the map. Once you’re there, run along the road and look at each structure you find. Chances are somewhere along this road you’ll eventually find a vending machine.

To complete a section of the challenge, run up to whatever object you’re looking for and tag it with any of the spray emotes.

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