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Fortnite find lost spraycans Spray and Pray challenge guide

The graffiti will show you where to look

A graffiti image of a Fortnite character shows where you can find spraycans for this challenge Epic Games via Polygon

Fortnite’s season X Spray and Pray challenges are all about graffiti, but this one is pulling double duty: Find five spraycans around the Fortnite map.

he cans are small and very hard to see, but a bit of graffiti near them will let players know where to look. To make things a little bit easier, we’ve made a map of all the spraycan locations around the map.

Fortnite spraycan locations map

A map of spraycans on Fortnite’s map
Fortnite spraycan map locations
Epic Games via Polygon

Once you’ve actually arrive near a spraycan, they can still be a little tricky to find. The easiest way to know you’re in the right spot is because you’ll see a graffiti imagine of a person on the wall nearby the can.

A painting of a graffiti artist in Fortnite
The Fortnite graffiti that lets you know you’re close to a spraycan
Epic Games via Polygon

Unfortunately, there’s almost no way to get this done in one match. Even if you were to get all three from either of the groupings, you’d still need two more to complete the challenge.

Instead, at the start of each game, try to land on a new spraycan, collect it, and complete that piece of the challenge. Five games isn’t that many.

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