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6 things that changed in Fortnite on iPhone vs. PC and console

Look at those footsteps

Invites for Fortnite Battle Royale’s mobile beta are now rolling out (related: you might be in, so check your email). As we noted, it runs like a dream — no small feat for a fast-paced multiplayer game running on a mobile platform.

But while this is the Fortnite you know fundamentally — same map, same circle, same pining for chug jugs, and same dreams of cross-play with your PC and console friends — by bringing Battle Royale to the iPhone, Epic Games did need to make some changes to accommodate for (among other things) the smaller screen and touch controls. The biggest quality of life change is a concession to those who play phone games without headphones: footsteps, gunfire, and chests are visible on the screen.

We go over this and five more changes that were made to Battle Royale in the video above. Check it out before you dive in to play Fortnite Battle Royale on your next commute.

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