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Fortnite’s Blitz mode is a godsend for players who love to build

Building has never been easier, or more fun

Epic Games

Fortnite’s building systems are what set it apart from other battle royale games, and players are embracing the new Blitz mode due to how quickly it gives you materials for farming. The harvestable materials are doubled in this new mode, which makes it much easier to build more walls and structures in each round.

“Just played a few rounds before matchmaking broke,” one player wrote on Reddit. “Having the freedom to build like wild is so fun.”

The feedback from the Blitz mode may even lead to some balancing tweaks to the standard game; players are noting how much more fun it is to be able to play aggressively while still being able to build without extensive farming.

“It makes the base game mode very stale,” another player said. “Like, not having materials at all after killing like six dudes, and having probably the same amount as one tree from blitz is just a joke. Epic needs to increase builds in the base game mode by like 30 percent.”

It’s unrelated to the new mode, but you can watch an example of a fun fight with extensive building in the video below:

The best Fortnite players already know how to balance their material supply and farming while also building efficiently, but this adjustment means that players are able to practice their building skills in an exciting way. The Blitz mode allows everyone to build like wild with much less farming, which leads to some exciting, surreal matches filled with structures and walls.

The rounds I played last night were filled with players reacting to the surplus of materials with surprise and joy; everyone seems to be having fun building without having to carefully manage their supplies of materials.

The higher-level strategies are quickly evolving to take advantage of the ability to build to your heart’s content in Blitz mode, but for now it feels a bit like Christmas on the servers.

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