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Fortnite hero revives a stranger four times while running through the storm

No one left behind!

Fortnite Battle Royale is about survival of the fittest. Yet within it we can find searing acts of humanity.

Redditor Sleightly-Magical posted an amazing Fortnite Battle Royale video in which he is caught in the storm, miles from safety, wounded terrifically in a firefight with another team of 20. He fires off a salute to his teammates, is knocked out by the storm, and prepares to meet the end.

Then comes the angel on his shoulder. Another lost soul, also hopelessly trapped outside the eye of the storm, revives him four times and tries for a fifth before the storm’s persistent damage knocks him down. And still they keep crawling, toward a safety that will never be found. In the Reddit version (5/5 would watch again) the finale music from Gladiator kicks in (nice touch btw, Sleightly-Magical).

Sleightly-Magical said he only kept going because this guy refused to let him quit. “Near the end, I even tried to hide in the water and off on a hill, but he still came to revive me every time.”

But with both crippled and all lost, finally, they huddle together (OK, maybe he put his butt in the other’s face). Then Sleightly-Magical finally succumbs to his wounds.

Wow, I need a tissue. I’m not the only one.


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