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Fortnite’s rocket riding tech is evolving, watch a player cross the entire map

Why ride rockets? To get over there quickly

Fortnite players have been practicing riding rockets for a bit now, with some amazing plays coming from players “shooting” their teammates on a rocket to take out the enemy. But YouTuber NoahJ456 has taken things to their natural conclusion by jumping from rocket to rocket, starting on a rocket he himself fired, and moving from one side of the map to the other.

This is a tour of the entire Fortnite map, seen from above, with a prominent player acting as your guide while they ride highly explosive ordnance. Getting on top of the first rocket is hard enough, and some of the transfers from rocket to rocket are close calls, but he pulls it off in the end. The result is a run you can watch above, and it’s a pretty impressive demonstration of a new in-game skill.

The video has over 150,000 views after a day.

NoahJ456 gives credit to this player, whose video from two days ago has over 3.6 million views. People are very into riding rockets.

That video was an evolution of this idea from four days ago, showing just how quickly this all develops. As we explained yesterday, this isn’t just interesting trickery, these strategies are leading to in-game kills that could change competitive Fortnite.

Or it could just remain a fun curiosity. The state of the art in Fortnite strategy continues to shift and improve at a rapid pace, and these videos prove how much attention you can gain in the community by taking the next step in each new idea. Fortnite didn’t have vehicles a few days ago, but it sure seems like it does now.

Well done, players.

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