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Fortnite patch v3.5 adds Port-a-Fort, cyberpunk skins and replays

Also, the return of the 50 vs. 50 battle royale

Epic Games

Fortnite’s newest update — patch v3.5 — was released today by developer Epic Games, and its main feature is a portable fort that brings a brand new way of building to Battle Royale. The patch also adds replays to Battle Royale, and new skins and questlines for Save the World.

The most heavily teased of this patch's updates has been the Port-a-Fort, a new type of equipment that allows players to create an entire fort with just a simple throw. As soon as the Port-a-Fort hits the ground, it instantly pops up a three-story-tall building wherever it's thrown. While some more seasoned players might see this as just another structure, it should provide newer players with a glimpse of what it’s like to build as fast as some of the best players in the world.

Battle Royale’s other big addition this patch is the brand new Replay system, which will allow players to watch their previous matches from all kinds of different angles and perspectives. The Replay System will even let players change the camera settings in order to help make their personal highlight reels a little more cinematic.

Also coming is a chat wheel that should let even the most non-verbal players help out their squad — even if the voice chat in the game is full of nice people. Patch v3.5 will also see the return of Battle Royale’s 50 v 50 game mode. This time around the mode is branded as 50 v 50 v2, and will include a faster gathering time and more weapon spawns than the last time the mode was active.

On the Save the World side of things, this patch mostly focuses on reworking previous system and modes. Among the reworks are melee weapons and how they interact with structures, as well as the Anomaly mission type.

The Survive the Storm game mode will also return in this patch and include a whole host of new rewards. As for questlines, patch v3.5 is adding Into the Storm: Opening Act which will include a new map and tie into the new neon skin line that's coming to Save the World as well.

Epic Games

Epic also included a few performance upgrades in this patch to help with download size on Xbox One as well as fix bugs for mobile players.

For a full look at patch v3.5, you can find Epic’s notes on its website.

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