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An easy way to fake out your opponents in Fortnite

This Fortnite trick works more often than you’d think

Epic Games

This Fortnite trick is going around Reddit, and it’s both simple and incredibly clever. You can take a look at someone using it in the gif below from this thread, but here’s what’s going on:

  1. You build a structure from which to fire at your opponent. They know you’re there, which is fine. It’s important that you make sure they know you’re in there, and are watching you.
  2. Build a door in the wall behind you, and then jump out of your structure without using said door so they can see you leave. They’re going to assume you’re running around to try to flank them, and they’ll move forward.
  3. Re-enter your structure through the door you built, so they don’t see you go back in. Fire down onto their position. Watch them get kinda confused before dying.
  4. Profit!

It’s one of those things that makes immediate sense once you see it in action, but it’s a move I would never have thought of trying in a million years. You can watch another example of this play in action below, from this thread on the topic.

Our advice? Never trust that someone jumping out of their tower is actually jumping out. Stay safe out there.

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