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Fortnite’s Raven skin is out and players are making their first ever cosmetic gaming purchase

‘I’ve never bought a skin but my wallet is out’

Fortnite raven skin
Raven skin in Fortnite.
Epic Games

Epic Games released Fortnite’s heavily anticipated Raven skin yesterday, and players wasted no time in rushing to spend 2,000 V-Bucks — or about $20 — on the outfit.

The limited-time legendary Raven skin was first teased in a leak that happened around the same time as the game’s v3.4.1 update. Fortnite players speculated it was going to be released in April and, last night, Epic finally confirmed those suspicions. The Raven skin was released alongside the Feathered Flyer Glider on Thursday.

Shortly after the skin was released, Epic warned that it was having difficulty processing new purchases of Fortnite’s in-game currency. “We are aware of some players having issues when purchasing V-Bucks,” Epic said on Twitter. “We are checking into it.”

“Epic cant even handle the amount of money people are throwing at them right now,” Reddit user Alec129 posted in the skin release’s thread. “That says something.”

For many people, the skin was the first gaming cosmetic accessory they’ve purchased. Players on the game’s subreddit joked about the decision to spend $20 on an outfit in a free game. Others admitted to this being the first item they’ve purchased in Fortnite since the game came out. One Reddit user who goes by Sno_Jon said, “I’ve never bought a skin but my wallet is out.”

There’s no question that skins are part of the appeal in Fortnite, much like other popular online multiplayer games. Racked, one of Polygon’s sister publications at Vox Media, recently wrote about people who will spend upward of $1,000 on skins. Skins help to personalize a character for people in-game, but there’s little question within the Fortnite community that the game’s Raven skin is by far the most popular.

It’s easy to see why Fortnite’s Raven skin is resonating with people. Radiating an ominous purple glow, and a drooping black hood, the Raven skin screams mercenary of death. There’s an ominous vibe to the skin that’s different from anything the Fortnite community has really seen thus far.

Naturally, YouTubers also got in on the action, equipping their characters with the new skin and taking it out for a test drive.

“This is so sick,” Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, one of Fortnite’s most popular players and streamers, yells at the beginning of the clip below, before commenting on how the skin feels like in-game.

Still, there’s been some backlash from the community who complain that Fortnite Battle Royale matches will be nothing but players running around in Raven skins. The skin is viewed by the community as the most hyped cosmetic the game has seen, and everyone wants to get their hands on it. Some pointed out that they turned their consoles on for the first time in days or weeks just to download the skin and ensure they were able to grab it.

“It’s the most badass skin in the game, but if everyone has it, it just won’t be as cool to me,” one Reddit user said.

“The Raven is the sickest skin yet, shame that literally everyone is going to use it,” another player said on Twitter. “Makes it feel worthless.”

Even the naysayers can’t detract from the overall community’s enthusiasm about the skin — and the accompanying glider — finally being available for purchase.

Fortnite is available to play for free on iOS, Mac, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.