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Fortnite’s Ninja gained almost 4 million YouTube subscribers in one month

The game’s biggest player is growing at a ridiculous speed

Ninja Tyler
Tyler “Ninja” Blevins on CNBC.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is still Fortnites most popular streamer on Twitch and YouTube, but his recent comments illustrate just how rapid his fanbase is growing.

Blevins tweeted on April 3 that he hit seven million subscribers on YouTube, an increase of six million from his first major milestone on the platform that he tweeted about on Jan. 25, 2018. He pointed out in his tweet that he gained one million subscribers in nine days, meaning he was celebrating reaching six million subscribers on March 25.

Go through Blevins’ Twitter history a little further and a tweet from March 8 highlights another achievement: Four million subscribers on YouTube. That means between March 8 and March 25, just over two weeks, Blevins gained two million subscribers on YouTube. To put that into perspective, it took Ninja about seven years to amass one million subscribers — and less than three months to septuple that record once he began playing Fortnite.

His videos average around four million views, with some sitting just under two million and some surpassing 10 million. That amounts to quite a bit of money coming in for Ninja; and while it doesn’t put him in the same category as a Jake Paul, who’s estimated to be making around $1 to $2 million a month, it does mean that he’s still netting quite a bit of income from his YouTube channel thanks to YouTube’s AdSense.

All of which doesn’t even take into account his Twitch channel, which boasts more than five million followers and hundreds of thousands of paying subscribers.

Since Blevins made his announcement about hitting seven million subscribers on YouTube, he’s already gained an additional 340,000 subscribers at the time of this writing. There’s a good chance that Blevins could beat his own growth record again in just a couple of days.

Blevins told CNBC in March, after breaking a record on Twitch for the most concurrent views during a stream with Drake, that Fortnite is the the game at the moment. When asked why he’s become the face of the streaming community around the game, he explained why he believed people liked to watch him play.

“I think I offer a combination of high gameplay, like high-tier gameplay that they really can’t get with a lot of other content creators,” Blevins said. “It’s very difficult to be one of the best at a video game, in any game, or at anything in all in the world. I also think I offer ... I’m very goofy. If you’ve ever watched any of my streams or my YouTube videos I do impressions and stuff like that all the time. Just crazy shenanigans ... It’s pretty fun to watch, and a positive environment as well.”

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