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Fortnite Open Water challenges: Chapter 2 season 1 mission list and guide

How to complete Fortnite Chapter 2’s first week of challenges

A Fortnite Chapter 2 player with a shotgun jumps in the air Epic Games via Polygon
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Fortnite Chapter 2 is here and that means new battle pass missions to complete. For the first week of season 1’s pass, the missions are all focused on exploring the new map and testing out some new mechanics. None of the Fortnite Open Water missions are too complicated, but here’s a list of all of them with a few quick tips on how to get them done.

Land at Craggy Cliffs, Salty Springs, and Dirty Docks

Land at Craggy Cliffs, Salty Springs, and Dirty Docks Fortnite Chapter 2 Open Watch Challenge map Epic Games via Polygon (Original map via Vattenpistol on Reddit)

Hide inside Hideouts in different matches (3)

Fortnite’s new Hideouts are small places where you can hide to get away from your enemies. These could include piles of hay, barrels, and dumpsters. The easiest way to finish this one will be to land in a city, find a dumpster on your way down, and hop in.

Search Chests at Craggy Cliffs or Misty Meadows (7)

Search Chests at Craggy Cliffs or Misty Meadows Fortnite Chapter 2 Open Watch challenge Epic Games via Polygon (Original map via Vattenpistol on Reddit)

Land at one of these locations and start grabbing all the chests you can. They’re bound to be busy when the challenges first launch on Thursday, so you may be better off waiting a couple of days.

Eliminate opponents with a Sniper Rifle (2)

The easiest way to complete this challenge will be to drop into a Team Rumble match. Once you’re there, just run around until you get a sniper rifle. As the game progresses, the safe area will get smaller and make getting these eliminations easier.

Be crouched within 20m of an opponent for a total of 10 seconds (10)

You can complete this challenge just by being in the same house as someone. Find a busy area, land there, get inside a house with someone else, and crouch.

Deal damage with Pistols to opponents (500)

Once again, the easiest way to do this challenge is the Team Rumble Mode where dozens of players will be running around.

Get an elimination from 50m or further

This one is pretty easy in Team Rumble as well. Just make sure you don’t get too close to whoever you’re firing at.

Survive Storm phases (10)

This challenge is easy to get passively if you just play a few matches. But if you want to rush through, then you should head toward the middle of circles early and build yourself someone nice and safe to wait out the storms.

Deal damage within 10 seconds of leaving a Hideout (150)

For this challenge, you’ll need to once again head to the busiest named area you can find and jump in a Hideout. You’ll also need to get a little bit lucky because someone will need to walk by your Hideout while you’re in it. When someone finally does, hop out and start shooting.

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