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Fortnite: Visit the Boat Launch, the Coral Cove, and the Flopper Pond challenge guide

Here’s the location of this week 4 mission

A Fortnite player in Chapter 2 season 1 gliding toward Coral Cove Epic Games via Polygon
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Fortnite’s Dockyard Deal missions have begun. One of these week 4 objectives sends players all over the map to visit the Boat Launch, the Coral Cove, and the Flopper Pond.

These locations are easy to get to once you know where they’re at. Here’s a map with each of the locations mark to make completing this mission just a little bit easier.

Fortnite Boat Launch, Coral Cove, Flopper Pond map location

A Fortnite map with the locations for a week 4 challenge marked Epic Games via Polygon (Original map via Vattenpistol on Reddit)

Each of these areas is very easy to get to. All you’ll need to do is land near each area and you will get credit for each step of the challenge. Since you just have to land, rather than surviving to loot something, there’s really no need to worry about how many other people are also trying to finish this challenge near you.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of great ways to reach all three of these locations in one game. If you wanted to try it the best thing to do would be to start at the furthest north location, Coral Cove, find a boat and work your way south. While this is technically possible, your best bet is probably just to do these in a few separate games.