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Fortnite: Visit different E.G.O. outposts challenge guide

Here are all the map locations for Fortnite’s EGO Outposts for this Lowdown challenge

A Fortnite player in Chapter 2 glides in to an E.G.O. outpost Epic Games
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Fortnite’s latest batch of challenges for Chapter 2 has arrived. While most of The Lowdown challenges are pretty straight forward, one sends players to visit five E.G.O. outposts around the map.

This challenge isn’t too tough if you know where the outposts are at, but chances are you’ve probably never seen one of these before. Here are all the E.G.O. outposts on the map.

Fortnite E.G.O. outposts map locations

A Fortnite map with the locations of all the EGO outposts marked Epic Games via Polygon (Original map via Vattenpistol on Reddit)

As usual, these bases are pretty easy to get to if you’re trying to land on them. You can just drop straight from the Battle Bus directly onto whichever one you want to check it off the list.

Unfortunately, this challenge is much harder if you want to visit multiple outposts in a single match. You could manage to start at the northeast outpost and work your way down to the two outposts southwest of it, but it probably wouldn’t be worth the time.

Search chests at E.G.O. outposts challenge

When you do visit these outposts, be sure to search all of the chests you can find in the area. As part of The Lowdown challenges, you’ll also need to search seven chests at E.G.O. outposts, so you might as well get that done while you’re here.

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