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Fortnite find Claptrap’s missing eye and then return it to him guide

Welcome to Pandora mission with Borderlands quest

Claptrap welcomes you to Fortnite’s version of Pandora and asks you to help him find his eye Epic Games via Polygon
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The world of Borderlands has invaded Fortnite, and it seems like even some of the quests came along for the trip. In one of Fortnite’s Welcome to Pandora missions, players will have to find Claptrap’s missing eye and return it to him, a staple of just about every Borderlands game.

Every part of this missions is located inside the Pandora Rift area of the Fortnite map, in the desert southwest of Paradise Palms, but the area is pretty big so we’ve marked the locations of each part of the mission on a map for you.

Claptrap eye map location

A Fortnite map with the location of Claptrap and Claptrap’s eye marked
The location of Claptrap and his eye
Epic Games via Polygon

The first step of this mission is to head to the south side of the Pandora area and check out the furthest south house. Inside, Claptrap’s eye will show up near the house’s television.

A disembodied robot eye floats near a television.
Claptrap’s Eye
Epic Games via Polygon

After you get the eye, the second step of the mission is to bring it to Claptrap, who’s standing near the eastern edge of the Pandora area, by the welcome sign. You can do these two steps in different games, but you have to collect the eye before you can give it to Claptrap.

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