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Fortnite land on different bullseyes mission guide and map

Bullseye locations for this season 10 challenge

A Fortnite player glides toward a bullseye mission objective Epic Games via Polygon

Fortnite’s latest set of missions are all about precision. One set of objectives asks players to land on three different bullseyes across the map.

These three spots are all easy to land on, but you’ve got to know where you’re going first. Here’s a map with each of the three bullseye locations marked.

Fortnite bullseye map locations

Bullseye Fortnite map locations Epic Games via Polygon

As usual with these land here missions, there’s really no way to speed them up. You’ll just need to load into three games and land at one of the spots in each game.

The spots don’t necessarily lend themselves to a good early game, so it may even be worth quitting out of the match as soon as you land at the bullseye you’re aiming for.

If the Battle Bus is far away from the bullseye you need to hit, don’t worry about it. You can drop across nearly the entire map in Fortnite as long as you open your glider early enough, so you should be able to complete this mission in three games no matter what.

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