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Fortnite hit easy and hard firing range targets bullseye mission guide

Maps and locations for this season 10 challenge

A Fortnite player takes aim at a firing range target in front of them Epic Games via Polygon

Fortnite’s Bullseye missions have arrived and they’ve got their sights set on accuracy. One of the missions asks players to go to a firing range and shoot one easy target.

Fortnite firing range map locations

These firing ranges are in a few different places around the island, so we made a map to help you figure out which one is easiest to get to.

A Fortnite map with the location of the firing ranges marked Epic Games via Polygon

To do this challenge, the first thing you’ll need is a gun. Each of the firing ranges has a building with a possible weapon spawn nearby, but they aren’t as close as you’d hope.

The easiest way to complete this challenge is to land at a nearby loot spot, find a gun, and then come back to the firing range once you’re safe and armed. When you get to the range, just step on the pressure plate and the closest target to you will pop up. Shoot the target and you should have this mission completed.

Prestige version: Hit one hard firing range target

For this part of the challenge, you’ll need to head back to one of the shooting ranges — with a weapon in-hand, of course. Once you’re there, shoot the easy target first, and then the hard target will appear, and you can shoot that one and finish off this mission.

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