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Fortnite mission: Dance in front of a bat statue, in a way above-ground pool, and on a seat for giants Boogie Down guide

Maps and locations for this season 10 challenge

A Fortnite player about to land next to a giant chair Epic Games via Polygon

Fortnite season 10’s Boogie Down missions are all about dancing in specific ways and different places. For this particular mission players will need to dance in front of a bat statue, in a way above-ground pool, and on a seat for giants.

These clues may seem cryptic, but they’re easy to find once you know where to look. To help you figure that out, we’ve put together a map with all three dance locations on it.

Fortnite dance map locations

A Fortnite map with the locations of dances for this mission marked Epic Games via Polygon

The bat statue is in the graveyard at Haunted Hills and is the furthest out of the way of any of the locations you’ll need to dance at.

Meanwhile, at least for the challenge’s first day, the seat for giants and the pool are both in the same place. The pool is on the floating island, however, so it’s always possible it could move. The chair is in the small town south of Shifty Shafts.

While the chair and pool are on top of each other, this version is significantly easier, so it’s worth trying to get this challenge done as soon as possible.

The standard version of this challenge isn’t too complicated. You’ll just need to dance at these locations whenever you want, so you could complete multiple in one game, or just do them all separately.

Prestige guide

For the Prestige version, you’ll need to dance at these Fortnite locations during the same match. Just like every challenge in season 10, you’ll need to complete the standard version before you move onto the Prestige.

For the Prestige version, your best bet will be to start at Haunted Hills then walk south and try to hit the floating island for the pool and the chair. Once you’ve danced at all three, you’ll have completed the challenge.

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