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Fortnite mission: Destroy no dancing signs locations Boogie Down guide

Maps and locations for this season 10 challenge

A Fortnite player standing in front of a no dancing sign Epic Games via Polygon

Fortnite Boogie Down mission asks players to destroy three “No Dancing” signs.

In Fortnite season 10’s Boogie Down missions the dancing never stops, and that means the no dancing signs around the Fortnite map have to go. In case you aren’t sure which areas need to be made slightly more dance friendly, we’ve put together a map to show you where all the signs are.

Fortnite no dancing sign map locations

All of the no dancing sign locations marked on the Fortnite map Epic Games via Polygon

Now that you know where they are, taking them out shouldn’t be hard. All you have to do to destroy the signs is pickaxe them or shoot them, and they’ll go down pretty quickly. Unfortunately, no area of the map makes collecting all three of these in one game particularly easy.

The easiest route is probably to try to get two signs in one game, and then pick up the last one some other time. The sign on the corner of the map northwest of Junk Junction should be easy to grab, and then you can head to the one on the mountain north of Pleasant Park. Or you could head to the southwest corner of the map and pick up the sign in the frozen area, and then get the one on the mountain nearby. The last sign should be easy: Just head to any sign and take it out.

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