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Fortnite: Dance at the highest spot and lowest spot on the map — Week 9 challenge guide

Head to the top of a mountain and what used to be the bottom of the sea

A Fortnite player gliding in toward a mountain Image: Epic Games via Polygon
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We’re already nine weeks into Fortnite Chapter 2’s fourth season and that mean’s another batch of challenges to knock out. This time around most of the challenges are pretty straight forward, but one may require a little extra help. This challenge sends players to dance at the highest and lowest spots on the map.

As long as you know where these places are it shouldn’t be too hard, so we’ve mark both for you just to give you a little direction.

Highest and lowest spots on the Fortnite map

The locations of the highest and lowest point on the Fortnite map Image: Epic Games via Polygon

By virtue of being at the most extreme end of Fortnite’s terrain, the highest point on the map isn’t often too populated, which means you shouldn’t get shot while trying to dance there. Because it’s so high, it’s also a little harder to glide to, but if you just wait for your bus to get as close as possible and jump you should at least be able to reach the path that leads up to the peak and run the rest of the way.

Tony Stark in Fortnite dancing on top of a mountain
A player dancing at the highest point on the Fortnite map
Image: Epic Games via Polygon

The map’s lowest point, near Coral Castle, is usually a little more contested. As long as Fortnitemares is still going on — until Nov. 3 — this area is so covered in fog that it’s impossible to notice people even a few feet in front of you so that should keep you safe for now. Because most of the ground in Coral Castle is low, it can difficult to find the official “lowest point,” so just use a quick emote to dance in a few different places.

Once you’ve busted a move at both the highest and lowest point you’ll get a notification that this week’s toughest challenge is complete.

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