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Fortnite guide: How to find Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games

Hunt through Deadpool’s garbage and be rude to the bus driver

Deadpool Fortnite

Deadpool is coming to Fortnite. But to unlock him, it seems players will need to complete a series of challenges each week.

The first week’s set of challenges involve finding a letter in Deadpool’s secret lair on the battle pass screen and not thanking the bus driver.

Deadpool Fortnite
Deadpool’s super secret vent
Epic Games via Polygon

To start the quest for Deadpool, go to the battle pass screen for the battle royale mode. Look to the right and you’ll see a small icon over an air conditioner duct. Click on it to travel inside Deadpool’s secret lair.

There are only two items to click on here. First, look to the bottom left of your screen and you’ll see a small piece of paper (seen in the image above). Click on it, and you’ll pick up Deadpool’s “Letter to Epic.” When you’re done reading, exit the letter and click on the computer. Here you can see the different challenges Deadpool has for you this week.

You’re already done with the first challenge: “find Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games.” The only other challenge for this week is to not thank the bus driver. Load into a match and exit the battle bus without hitting B on your keyboard or down on your controller’s d-pad. When you land, you can go about your game normally. When the battle bus leaves the skies, you’ll complete the challenge.

For completing both week 1 challenges, you’ll earn a Deadpool icon for your profile. Unlocking his skin will likely require completing the full set of challenges, which won’t be possible until we get close to the end of season 2.

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