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Fortnite: Investigate claw marks in Weeping Woods - Wolverine Week 1 challenge guide

Here’s the first in a series of challenges

A Fortnite refrigerator with Wolverine’s Claw marks it in Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Fortnite Chapter 2 season 4 has begun and that means there are all kinds of new challenges for players to complete, including a set of Wolverine Challenges that will eventually let players unlock his outfit from the battle pass. These challenges will come out one week at a time leading up to the skin’s release on Sept. 30.

It seems that these challenges all relate to finding Wolverine, since he seems to have run off somewhere on the island after he was transported there by Thor. The first week’s Wolverine Challenge quest sends players to start finding his trail by investigating three mysterious claw marks in Weeping Woods.

These claw marks are pretty small and aren’t exactly easy to spot, so here’s a map to help you out and all of their exact locations:

Wolverine claw mark locations Fortnite map

The locations of Wolverine’s claw marks from the week one season 4 Fortnite challenge Image: Epic Games

Wolverine’s claw marks can be found in any order, but they’re probably easiest if you start off with the eastern-most location in Weeping Woods. For this one you’ll want to head to the main lodge of Weeping Woods (the one at the north side near the river). Once you’re inside the lodge head to the furthest west wall and leave the building, underneath the deck you’ll find a set of the first set of claw marks.

Wolverine claw marks in Fortnite part of the Wolverine challenges
The Weeping Woods claws under the lodge
Image: Epic Games via Polygon

The next set of claw marks you’ll want to look for are on the covered bridge to the southwest of Weeping Woods. The claw marks are hidden on the south side of the bridge, and can be see if you’re looking to the north.

Woverine’s claw marks in Fortnite part of the Wolverine challenges
Wolverine’s claw marks on the covered bridge
Image: Epic Games via Polygon

The final set of claw marks are at the top of the tower to the west of the bridge. The claw marks themselves are in the room at the top of the tower, once you climb up the long staircase, the marks on the refrigerator that’s facing the door, making them easy to spot.

Wolverine’s claw marks in Fortnite near the Weeping Woods tower
Wolverine’s claw marks on top of the tower
Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Once you’ve found all of the claw marks, you’ll get a notification that you completed the challenge and that you unlocked the Berserker Barrage! spray.

The Berserker Barrage spray in Fortnite Image: Epic Games

This challenge is only the first of the weekly Wolverine challenges in Fortnite. You’ll have to complete a few more weeks worth of challenges in order to unlock the full Wolverine skin, so keep at it.

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