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Fortnite guide: How to unlock the Wolverine skin from the season 4 battle pass

The most famous X-Men member is this year’s season-long challenge outfit

Wolverine in Fortnite Image: Epic Games
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Fortnite’s latest season is full of Marvel heroes and you can unlock all of them as in-game outfits. While most of the characters are unlocked through the battle pass, but Wolverine — in typical Wolverine fashion — is a little bit more complicated to unlock.

Rather than simply gaining XP and leveling up your battle pass for Wolverine, you’ll need to complete several specific challenges in order to unlock his outfit, similar to Deadpool and Aquaman from the last two seasons. These challenges will be released throughout the season before players are able to unlock him — probably somewhere around week six or seven of the season.

The quests themselves will have players tracking Wolverine’s trail, as he seems to be loose somewhere on the Fortnite island. According to the descriptions of him on the battle pass, it seems that once players find him he won’t be too happy about, which could mean some kind of Wolverine boss fight later in the season. According to the battle pass, the skin should be unlockable 34 days after the start of the season.

Along with the official skin itself, Wolverine also has a unique built-in emote, which lets players activate his retractable claws as a replacement for your regular harvesting tool. This emote can be unlocked by completing Wolverine’s Awakening challenge. Wolverine, like many of the other characters in the battle pass, has an alternate suit style as well, which players can unlock by completing 10 challenges from either week five or week six.

To unlock the Wolverine outfit players will need to purchase the Fortnite Chapter 2 season 4 battle pass and complete his challenges sometime before when the season is scheduled to end on Nov. 30.

Fortnite’s Wolverine challenges

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