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Fortnite: Find Wolverine’s trophy in Dirty Docks - Wolverine week 3 challenge guide

This week’s Wolverine challenge sends players on a quest for a Sentinel’s head

A Fortnite player gliding in to Dirty Docks Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Week 3 of Fortnite season 4 is here and that means a new step in the Wolverine quest line. The first Wolverine quest sent players looking for his signature claw marks, while the second had players search for a Quinjet crash site. For the third challenge, players will need to find Wolverine’s trophy in Dirty Docks.

In this case “trophy” is actually referring to the head of a Sentinel, the giant robots frequently used to hunt Mutants in the X-Men comics. As the challenge suggests, the Sentinel head is in Dirty Docks, but finding it isn’t easy so we’ve marked the location for you:

Wolverine’s trophy Dirty Docks location

The location of Fortnite’s chapter 2 season 4’s week 3 Wolverine challenge Image: Epic Games via Polygon

The Sentinel head/trophy is at the furthest-south edge of Dirty Docks, inside the large building that’s disconnected from the rest of the complex. If you approach the building from the east side — the one facing the water — you can walk in through the back door.

The best entrance for Fortnite’s week 3 Wolverine challenge in season 4 Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Once you’re inside, walk straight ahead and open the first door, which looks like it should lead to a small closet. Inside the closet, at the very bottom of a shelf, you’ll find the Sentinel’s head.

The Sentinel head trophy from Fortnite season 4’s Wolverine challenge week 3 Image: Epic Games via Polygon

After you grab the trophy the challenge will complete and you’ll be one step closer to unlocking Fortnite’s Wolverine outfit.

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