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Fortnite: Bounce on different dog toys at the Ant Manor — Week 2 Challenge guide

The second week of challenges sends you to check in on Ant-Man’s best friend

Fortnite’s giant dog house at Ant Manor Epic Games via Polygon
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Fortnite season 4 has a new batch of challenges for week 2. And while most of these new challenges are pretty straight forward (like the Wolverine challenges for week 1 and week 2) there is one that can be a bit confusing. One challenge in week 2 sends players to bounce on four different dog toys at the Ant Manor.

If you haven’t explored every inch of Fortnite’s new season 4 Marvel-themed map, this challenge may be confusing. To help you out, Ant Manor is referring to Ant-Man, the Marvel hero who can change his size, and that means you’re also looking for giant dog toys, big enough for you to jump on.

To start things off, here’s the location of Ant Manor:

Fortnite Ant Manor dog toys location

Ant Manor’s location in Fortnite Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Ant Manor — which in this case is a giant dog house — is on top of a raised piece of land so your best bet is to land on top of it near the dog house. Once you’re on top, look around for the giant tennis balls and dog bones in the yard and jump straight onto them.

A Fortnite player at Ant Manor completing the season 4 challenge
A Fortnite player bouncing on a giant dog bone
Image: Epic Games via Polygon

There are several toys to bounce on above ground near the dog house, or you drop through one of the many holes in the ground to find a few underground toys as well. Once you’ve jumped on four toys in total the challenge will be complete.

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