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Fortnite guide: The Foundation Quests

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Fortnite guide: The Foundation Quests

Finally, The Rock has come to Fortnite’s Battle Pass

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Fortnite’s The Foundation has arrived in Battle Pass along with The Foundation Special Quests. Completing them will earn you Foundation-themed rewards like a The Rock skin.

The Foundation quests are 11 challenges to complete around the island like visiting POIs or dealing damage with certain weapons. In this Fortnite The Foundation guide, we’ll walk you through all 11 quests with maps and tips for each.

The Foundation rewards and items

Completing all 11 Foundation Quests will reward you with 4 Skins and Outfit Styles (The Foundation, The Foundation – Tactical, The Foundation – Combat Elite, and The Foundation – Combat), 3 Emotes (Foundation’s Fortune, True Foundation Spray, and Tactical Visor Toggle), a Foundational Wrap , a Back Bling, the Foundation’s Plasma Spike Pickaxe, and The Rocket Wing Glider.

Visit Mighty Monument, a Seven Outpost, and Sanctuary

Reward: The Foundation skin

Visit Mighty Monument, a Seven Outpost, and Sanctuary
The easiest way to complete this is with the pink pins. The other Seven Outposts are in blue.
Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Epic Games via Polygon

Sanctuary and the Mighty Monument are both over on the east side of the island. Luckily, there’s a Seven Outpost right there, too. They’re shown with the pink pins on the map above.

You won’t have any choice but to head to Sanctuary and Mighty Monument with the crowds, but there are six other Seven Outposts around the island if you need some space. We’ve shown them on the map above with blue pins.

Search chests of ammo boxes at Covert Cavern

Reward: Foundation’s Fortune Emote

Covert Cavern is a new POI that thawed as part of the 19.20 update. You’ll find it under the mountain on the west side of the island.

The secret base inside is patrolled by a lot of IO guards, so you’ll have to be careful heading inside.

Luckily, though, this gives you chances to complete other Foundation quests like Use shield potions in a single match since the IO Forces aren’t quite as deadly as other players.

Use shield potions in a single match

Reward: True Foundation Spray Emote

The only trick to this quest is that you’ll need to use four shield potions, which means you’ll need to survive taking some damage between drinks.

Taking on some IO Forces is a good way to complete this — they’re slightly less deadly than other players. Drink two potions to get to full, and then let yourself get hit once or twice. Drink another potion — that’s three — and repeat that process one more time.

Snipe an opponent with a Sniper Rifle while crouching

Reward: Foundation’s Mantle Back Bling

There’s not much to say about this one. If you get sneaky about it and take the shot from tall grass, it will help you get around to finishing other Season Quests like Week 1’s “Get Eliminations with an SMG or Sniper Rifle,” Week 4’s “Hide in Stealth Grass for 10 seconds,” or Week 6’s “Damage an opponent within 45 seconds of crouching in tall grass.”

Deal melee damage to opponents

Reward: Foundation’s Plasma Spike Pickaxe

You’ll need to deal a total of 100 damage with your Harvesting Tool to complete this Quest, so if you want to complete it in a single match and survive, you’ll need to land near someone and start attacking before they pick up a weapon.

Hire a Character and travel 1,000 meters with them

Reward: Foundational Wrap

Hire a Character and travel 1,000 meters with them
There are eight Characters you can hire (Agent Jones has four different spawn locations).
Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Epic Games via Polygon

There are eight NPC Characters you can Hire Agent Jones, Brainiac, Cuddlepool, Galactico, Jonesy The First, Lt. John Llama, Shanta, and The Visitor. Hiring them will cost you 95 Gold Bars. Once you fork over the cash, you just have to keep them alive for 1,000 meters.

Assist in eliminating Gunnar

Reward: Tactical Visor Toggle Emote

You’ll find Gunnar deep inside the secret base at Covert Cavern — he’s the one with no helmet and a shield. To complete this Quest, you don’t actually have to eliminate him. You only have to damage him.

Deal damage to opponents from above with Shotguns or SMGs

Reward: The Foundation (Tactical) Skin Style

Your best bet for this Quest is to stick to rooftops and upper floors. Places like Camp Cuddle, Daily Bugle, or Tilted Towers are good places to start. You need to deal a total of 1,000 damage, so this one will take a few matches to complete.

Deal headshot damage to players with common or uncommon weapons

Reward: The Foundation (Combat Elite) Skin Style

No trick to this one — just look for the gray and green weapons.

Land at a Seven Outpost, then finish top 10

Reward: The Rocket Wing Glider

Land at a Seven Outpost, then finish top 10
Seven Outpost locations.
Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Epic Games via Polygon

There are seven Seven Outposts around the map. After that, it’s up to you to finish in the top 10.

Complete all of The Foundation quests

Reward: The Foundation (Combat) Skin Style

Once you’ve completed the other 10 Quests, you’ll earn the final Foundation reward.