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How to give a hired Specialist Character a command in Fortnite

How to open the follower comms wheel in Fortnite

A command wheel in Fortnite to order Garrison to do different things Image: Epic Games via Polygon

One of Fortnite’s Spring Breakout quests requires you to “give a hired Specialist Character” a command,” which means you need to hire specific NPCs and order them to move or stay still. Completing this quest rewards XP, as well as inches you closer toward completion of cosmetic-rewarding bonus goals.

How to hire a Specialist Character

Note that not all NPCs are considered “Specialized Characters,” but the in-game map will mark the locations of the characters that qualify if you select the quest. The specialist NPCs are Garrison, Longshot, Polar Patroller, Remedy, Triage Trooper, Sludge, Munitions Expert, and Insight.

As with other NPCs, all you have to do is approach and give them gold bars to hire them.

These NPCs will do special things, like provide ammo or scan the area for enemies and items.

How to command NPCs in Fortnite

Once you hire an NPC, the button to command it will appear in the top left corner of your screen. We play on PC, so we had to press and hold the middle mouse button to make a wheel of commands to appear.

Just pick a selection from the wheel and your quest will complete, rewarding you with a hefty amount of XP.

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