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How to solve temple door puzzles, ‘find flames’ in Fortnite

How to ‘give items,’ ‘seek statues,’ and ‘find flames,’ to get loot

The Fortnitet Surf Witch stands in front of a locked diamond-shaped door. Image: Epic Games via Polygon
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

As you traverse the island in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, you’ll see many temples in the center of the map. There’s lots of loot behind these locked ruin doors, and opening them requires solving varying riddles.

Similar to vaults, these temple ruins have good loot behind their doors, but getting through the door can be somewhat of a challenge. As usual, make sure you clear out opponents before you solve these puzzles, as the last thing you’ll want is to open one of these doors and have an opponent eliminate you, taking your rewards.

Below we list out the different things the ruin doors ask of you and how to get them open.

How to solve the ‘find flames’ door puzzle

To open this door, you will need to interact with nearby braziers (the torches), with some needing to be lit and unlit. Unfortunately, which braziers you need to light is randomized each game.

To figure out which braziers need to be lit/unlit, you’ll need to search the same ruins to find braziers in the same layout and copy how those are lit.

Several braziers in a temple in Fortnite that are lit with red flames Image: Epic Games via Polygon

For example, if there are five braziers (one in each corner with one in the middle), you will need to find similarly placed braziers in the area. If the northwest and center brazier in this arrangement are lit but the others are not, you’ll have to mimic this in front of the door’s braziers.

Some ruins have the braziers on differing levels of elevation, like the temple north of the trailers in the center of the map. The middlemost brazier is on the ground floor, and the other four braziers are on platforms above.

Once all the correct braziers are lit, the door will automatically open. That said, you can just randomly try to solve the puzzle through trial and error without checking out the temple, but we recommend just keeping your eyes peeled before you head to these doors.

How to solve the ‘give item’ door puzzle

One type of door will want a “worthy item.” You’ll need to pay attention to the notch in the center of the door and see what color smoke is coming out of it.

A diamond-shaped door in Fortnite with a purple glow coming out of the middle.
This door specifically requires an epic rarity item or higher.
Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Depending on the color of the smoke, you’ll need to hand over an item that is the same rarity or higher. Blue smoke requires at least a rare item and purple smoke requires at least an epic item. (We personally have not seen the doors ask for gold legendary items, but we wouldn’t rule it out.)

Any item you give to the door, you actually do give it to the door, meaning you’ll lose it. Don’t pawn off your legendary drum shotgun all willy nilly. Once you hand over the item, the door will open.

How to solve the ‘seek statue’ door puzzle

Another type of door will say “seek statue.” There will be huge nearby statues that look like this:

A lit up statue with blue glowing eyes in front of a muddied Fortnite Surf Witch. Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Interacting with the correct one will just immediately open the door. Interacting with the wrong one will suck you into a rift and drop you from the sky, which can be useful if you’re making a getaway.

We personally have not noticed a way to tell the correct statue from the wrong statue, but if you’ve identified one, you should comment it below. (I am tired of getting rifted into the sky.)

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