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How to thank the bus driver in Fortnite

It’s just the right thing to do

Fortnite’s Battle Bus with players dropping onto the island Image: Epic Games via Polygon
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Fortnite added the ability to thank the bus driver all the way back in 2018. It was part meme and part common courtesy, but it’s been a part of the game ever since.

Periodically, “thank the bus driver” shows up as a weekly quest — like it has in Fortnite OG Chapter 4 Season 6. Our Fortnite guide will show you how to thank the bus driver no matter what platform you’re playing on.

How to thank the bus driver in Fortnite

The Battle Bus doesn’t pilot itself, so there’s someone up there steering. And it’s only basic decency to say a quick thank you before dropping into your Battle Royale match.

Fortnite’s Battle Bus passing over the island Image: Epic Games via Polygon

You can thank the bus driver any time between the Battle Bus launching to start the match and when you choose to jump. Thanking them is mapped to the emote button while you’re on the bus:

  • On PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, press down on the D-pad
  • On PC, press B
  • On mobile devices, hit the emote button in the corner of the screen.

How to complete the ‘thank the bus driver’ weekly quest

If “thank the bus driver” appears as a weekly quest — as it has during Fortnite OG Chapter 4 Season 5 — you may have to do this multiple times to complete the step and earn the reward. For example, if there are five steps, you’ll have to play five matches, since you can only thank them once per match.

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