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How to link LEGO Insider and Fortnite accounts for a free LEGO Fortnite skin

How to get the Explorer Emilie skin in both Battle Royale and LEGO forms

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Explorer Emilie on a blue background in Fortnite Image: Epic Games / LEGO

Linking your LEGO Insider and Fortnite accounts will give you a free Fortnite skin that offers battle royale and LEGO styles.

The ability to join the two accounts comes with the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 in Dec. 2023, which features a dedicated LEGO Fortnite mode.

Though not confirmed, it’s possible you’ll need to connect the two accounts to play the LEGO Fortnite mode — meaning you’ll be able to access the feature as soon as it launches. And if you don’t, you’ll have received the Explorer Emilie skin for your efforts regardless.

Here is a step-by-step guide to linking your LEGO Insider and Fortnite accounts, and when you’ll receive the Explorer Emilie skin.

How to link your LEGO and Fortnite accounts

  1. First, make a LEGO Insiders account. You can sign up on the official LEGO site here. If you have an account with LEGO already, try logging in with that first, as it’s likely one and the same.
  2. Log into your Epic Games account on the official site in a web browser on your phone / tablet / computer. If you have played Fortnite before, you will already have one of these, and would have logged into upon first playing the game. If you have forgot your login details, then perform a password reset.
  3. Once logged into your Epic Games account, visit the “Apps and Accounts” area, which you can visit directly here. This will show all your connected accounts at a glance, including for the likes of Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. Click “Connect” below the LEGO Account box.
  4. This will then direct you the LEGO site. Provided you are already logged in there, you simply have to select “Allow.” Wait a few moments, and you should be redirected back to the Epic Games “Apps and Accounts” area with your connected account.

A final, optional step — if you’re like us and you aren’t happy with your LEGO account name, you can change this by visiting the LEGO profile page (direct link here). Note that you can only select between more randomly generated names, and not a custom one.

When will you receive the LEGO Fortnite skin Explorer Emilie?

Explorer Emilie skin in Fortnite battle royale mode Image: Epic Games / LEGO

Once you’ve connected your LEGO Insider and Epic Games accounts, you’ll then be gifted Explorer Emilie straight into your Fortnite Locker when the LEGO Fortnite mode releases on Thursday, Dec. 7.

That means you won’t immediately get the skin, and have to wait for the mode to launch for it to appear.

As with many other skins, it’ll come with two styles — one for battle royale, and another for LEGO, and will swap between them automatically as you play the respective modes.

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