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Where to find Peter Griffin in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

Freakin’ Sweet!

Fortnite Underground C5S1 Gold Plated Peter Griffin Image: Epic Games via Polygon
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Peter Griffin (yes, from Family Guy) is in Fortnite as of Chapter 5 Season 1. His new swole look — courtesy of Meowscles — comes along with his role as a member of The Society.

Our Fortnite C5S1 guide will tell you where to find Peter Griffin and what you’ll get for defeating him. We’ll also explain how to get your own Peter Griffin skin.

Where to find Peter Griffin in Fortnite C5S1

Fortnite Underground C5S1 Peter Griffin location Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Peter Griffin always spawns at the same location in Fortnite Underground — Snooty Steppes. It’s at the southwestern corner of the island.

As a member of The Society, Peter Griffin is an NPC boss and carries a Society Medallion, so his location will appear on the map. He’s always in the mansion at the top of the hill. When you get there, Peter will be in his gold suit, surrounded by an endless number of Legion guards — Heavy Elites and Heavy Grunts.

Peter has plenty of both health and shields and his shields recharge quickly, so make sure you grab a few good weapons before you try to attack him. If you manage to take him down, you’ll get his Society Medallion. Having it in your inventory will make your shield recharge faster.

You’ll also get the Peter Griffin’s Hammer Pump Shotgun mythic drop.

How to get the Peter Griffin Fortnite Underground skin

Fortnite Underground C5S1 Battle Pass reward Peter Griffin skin Image: Epic Games via Polygon

To play C5S1 with the Peter Griffin skin, you’ll need the Battle Pass for this season. You’ll be able to pick up the Peter Griffin skin when you hit level 70. If you continue on to complete the Battle Pass and grab all of the rewards plus at least five bonus rewards, you’ll be able to grab both the Fancy Peter Griffin and the Gold Plated Peter Griffin styles.

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