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Fortnite TMNT event quest schedule and Cowabunga rewards

Go ninja, go ninja, GO!

Fortnite TMNT skins Image: Epic Games
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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have returned to Fortnite via the TMNT Cowabunga event, and they’re bringing new weapons, quests, and rewards.

Our Fortnite guide will explain all there is to do with the heroes in a half shell, including a list of the Fortnite TMNT Cowabunga event quest schedule and all the rewards you can get.

Fortnite TMNT skins in the shop

Fortnite TMNT April O’Neil skin and Lego style Image: Epic Games

If you’re just looking for the skins, the shop has you covered. There are skins for each brother — Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael — along with April O’Neil and (Master) Splinter. All six come with a corresponding Lego Fortnite skin.

There’s a bundle for all four turtles, the back bling, and their pickaxes for 6,400 v-bucks — currently on sale for 3,400. You can buy each one bundled with their pickaxe individually for 1,600 (or 1,500 for Splinter and April).

For the Shredder skin, you’ll have to look to the Cowabunga Premium Reward Track.

Fortnite Cowabunga event reward track and Premium rewards

Fortnite TMNT reward track and premium reward track Image: Epic Games

For the Cowabunga event, you’ll be earning ooze for completing quests. That ooze can then be redeemed for rewards like ninja-themed emotes, wraps, and the Turtle Blimp glider.

If you drop a 1,000 v-bucks, you’ll upgrade to the Premium Reward Track. You’ll get all of the regular rewards plus a second set that includes things like back bling and pickaxes. You’ll also immediately unlock the Shredder skin and Lego style.

Fortnite Splinter Assignment: The Ooze War quest schedule

And how do you earn ooze to unlock those rewards? By completing quests for Splinter. There are six phases to his plan, and they’re all available until Feb. 27, 2024.

  • Phase 1: Stick to the Shadows is out now.
  • Phase 2: Gear Up! is out now.
  • Phase 3: Cowabunga Clash is out now.
  • Phase 4: Give ‘Em Shell is out now.
  • Phase 5: Showdown Shred is out now.
  • Phase 6: Shellebrate goes live Feb. 24 at 9 AM ET.
Fortnite TMNT-themed Driftboard Image: Epic Games

Stick to the Shadows

There are eight quests in Phase 1, but you only need to complete five to get credit for the phase (and make progress toward that sweet, sweet Krang back bling). Each quest rewards 300 ooze.

  • Travel through sewer pipes in 3 different matches
  • Damage opponents with suppressed weapons
  • Search a Ninja Turtle Supply Drop
  • Use the EMP Stealth Camo item
  • Destroy objects
  • Visit the lair and then travel east
  • Purchase Ninja Turtle Weapons from vending machines
  • Do an impossibly difficult trick on a Driftboard

Gear Up

Phase 2 has eight more quests to complete. Again, you only need to complete five of them to get credit for the phase.

  • Hire a character
  • Have a hired follower eliminate an opponent
  • Collect three weapons from supply drones in Hot Spots
  • Spend 200 bars at Mending Machines
  • Crack 10 opponents’ shields
  • Damage opponents with Ninja Turtle weapons
  • Emote in three different matches
  • Spin a total of 7,200 degrees while airborne and on foot

Cowabunga Clash

Phase 3 has another eight quests to complete. Once again, you only need to complete five of them to get to the next phase.

  • Reach the top 25 players remaining
  • Visit three different named locations in a single match
  • Search three weapon cases
  • Time Travel into the future… slowly
  • Assist in eliminating Society henchmen
  • Crouch, jump, and mantle
  • Take or eat pizza slices from pizza boxes with your friends
  • Damage opponents while airborne

Give ‘Em Shell

Phase 4 has eight more quests to complete. You only need to complete five to get access to phase 5.

  • Dash 10 times using Ninja Turtle Weapons
  • Hit opponents beyond 40 meters
  • Reach full shields three times
  • Apply weapon mods at a mod bench three times
  • Damage opponents while at full health
  • Deal damage to opponents while in a vehicle
  • Hit an opponent while not looking at them one time
  • Collect 40 shotgun shells

Showdown Shred

Phase 5 has eight more quests to complete. You only need to complete five to get access to the final phase.

  • Destroy three Foot Clan banners
  • Damage opponents with rare or better weapons
  • Reprogram three Foot Clan recruitment holo-posters
  • Travel 1,000 distance in vehicles
  • Complete a bounty from a Bounty Board
  • Damage opponents that have damaged you
  • Damage opponents as the last player standing on your team
  • Destroy three evil brainwashing pizza turntables

Ninja Turtle Weapons

Fortnite TMNT Ninja Turtle weapons (not pickaxes) Image: Epic Games

Each of the turtles’ iconic weapons are making an appearance as well (by the way, these are actual weapons, not just the pickaxes you can get from the shop). You might find Leonardo’s Katanas, Raphael’s Sai, Michelangelo’s Nunchaku, and Donatello’s Staff in chests, supply drops, and vending machines.

These weapons give you an attack, air attack, dash attack, and a double jump. Each weapon starts with three charges that you’ll need for the air and dash attacks. Charges recharge after 10 seconds.

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