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Fortnite’s new limited time mode is all about dancing

Proof that emotes really are the most important thing in Fortnite

A Fortnite character plays guitar for a group of fans Epic Games

Epic Games is always looking to increase the variety of Fortnite’s limited-time game modes. From giant 50 vs 50 conflicts to matches that require you to do things other than be the last player standing, there’s no shortage of strange new ways to play Fortnite in these modes.

Still, this week’s mode, Disco Domination, is shaping up to be the most unique yet.

Epic Games

A pop-up that appeared on Fortnite’s in-game news feed acted as our first hint about the mode, and even provided some of the earliest details. It seems like the new mode will be all about dancing, or emoting, and require players to spend as much time using emotes in a certain area as possible, according to the description. While dancing may be the focus, it’s unlikely that this means guns will be gone from the mode completely, which means you’ll have to make sure you’re dancing safely.

We’ll just have to wait until the mode is officially released for answers to other questions like how big teams will be, whether or not players will respawn or how exactly points will work. Disco Domination is likely to be released with the first Season 6’s first Content Update, which should go live either Tuesday, Oct. 2 or later this week.

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