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3 things to know about Fortnite patch v6.02

Fortnite’s newest patch is small but brings a few new additions

Fortnite - woman standing on a wooden structure with a sniper rifle Epic Games
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The first patch for Fortnite Season 6 has arrived, at least that’s what we originally thought.

Now that the patch is actually here, it seems that Epic Games is changing up the way it rolls out updates for Fortnite. Rather than one big update every two weeks and smaller updates on off weeks, it seems like we are now going to get medium-sized patches every week.

This isn’t a huge change in the grand scheme of things and patch v6.02 offers plenty of new additions to the game, despite not having quite the number of changes we were expecting. The biggest changes are the addition of the new Disco Domination limited time mode and the new quad rocket launcher weapon.

If you want to see the patch notes in full, you can check out our change list.

Disco Domination changes the game

Fortnite has always had a variety of game modes on rotation, and while they frequently change things up, few have ever done so as much as Disco Domination. The new mode takes the game’s battle royale foundation, keeps the storm and the loot, and throws pretty much everything else out.

Two teams of 50 will drop onto the island and be tasked with using emotes on dance floors in order to capture them for their team. The longer you hold a dance floor, the more points it gives your team. This is basically King of the Hill, but for Fortnite.

Quad rockets are going to be terrifying

Having one rocket shot at you in Fortnite is bad enough, but four at the same time is a terrifying prospect. Thankfully, ammo should keep usage of this gun pretty limited, but if you’re unlucky enough to be facing off against the game’s newest weapon you better put up a lot of walls between you and it. Like the game’s other rocket weapons, this has a pretty high chance to have some issues out the gate, so don’t be surprised to see Epic patch in a tweak or two in the next couple of days.

The drop rates for some of the game’s most damaging weapons have changed

This is a pretty detailed change for a regular patch, but it’s important for players to know about. Some of Fortnite’s strongest weapons, like the bolt-action sniper rifle, heavy sniper rifle, grenade launcher and guided missiles — among others — are having their drop chances changed slightly. While some are being lowered and some raised, the net result should be slightly more of these heavy weapons in every match. There are far too many small changes to list each one here, but you can check out the full patch notes if you’re still curious about the details.

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