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Fortnite’s latest Content Update adds a new kind of trap

Watch out, things might get a little slippery

Epic Games

Fortnite Season 6’s first Content Update is here, and brings with it a frosty new type trap called Chiller.

This new trap can be placed on floors, walls or ceilings, and gives whoever steps on it — friends or enemies — something called icy feet. Icy feet removes their character’s friction, and makes them slide across the ground. Thankfully, you can stop yourself by just building a wall in front of you. The Chiller trap is a Common rarity item, and drops in stacks of threes from anywhere you can normally get loot.

While the Chiller is the clear standout of the new Content Update, it isn’t the only thing that’s coming in Fortnite’s patch v6.01. Also making their way into the game are Playground Mode customization options, which will now be available to players. These options probably aren’t as extensive as players are hoping for yet, but being able to alter things like starting health, time of day and gravity are a nice start, giving players a few more options in the mode.

Unfortunately, the patch notes for the Content Update don’t mention anything about Fornite’s new Shadow Stones. Shadow Stones were intended to be the biggest in-game addition of the game’s sixth season, which launched last week. After a number of bugs were discovered with the new item, however, Shadow Stones were disabled until further notice. With no news about fixes to issues that removed Shadow Stones from the game, it’s possible they may remain disabled until the season’s first major patch.

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