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You can finally gift skins in Fortnite Battle Royale, at least for a little while

Epic is allowing players to give each other gifts for a week as a way of testing the system out

Epic Games

The ability to gift skins and other cosmetic items to other players is a feature Fortnite fans have been asking about for a while now, and it’s finally arrived thanks to patch v6.31. But it’s only coming to the game for a limited at, at least at first, so players will only have one week to gift each other skins and items items.

Giving another player a gift is about as simple as it can be. When you purchase something you’ll now have two options, one that says “Purchase Items,” and one that says “Buy As A Gift.” If you choose to buy the item as a gift, your friends list will pop up and let you select which players you want to send the item to. You can even send along a personal message.

There are a few restrictions on how you can give gifts and who you can give them too, though. First of all, you can only give three gifts in any 24 hour window and you can only give them to people you’ve had on your friends list for more than 48 hours. Next, you’ll need to make sure that you have two-factor authentication set up on your account. Any item you gift will have to be in the in-game store at the time, and won’t be refundable.

The gifting option will likely be available until Fortnite’s next patch, so the feature should go away around Tuesday, Dec. 4.

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